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Adabat|アダバタ|Adabata}} is a fictional location and one of the levels in Sonic Unleashed. It is the sixth continent that Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip go to during the events in Sonic Unleashed.



Adabat is based on Southeast Asian locations, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia, with features including Buddhist statues and Toraja stilt houses (wooden huts perched upon stilts over shallow water). The level contains many flowing rivers, waterfalls, high cliffs, and ruins. Sonic and Chip come here to find the sixth Gaia Temple, where they learn Chip's true identity as Light Gaia. This is also where the Egg Lancer is fought.

Notable LocationsEdit

In the point-and-click HUB world of the Wii/PS2 version, many of the featured parts of Adabat are shown. These spots include:

  • Shallow Waters
  • Central Pier
  • Boat House
  • Village Entrance
  • Sacred Shrine (Sonic the Werehog)


  • The two photographer ghosts from the 3D animated movie, Sonic: Night of the Werehog, make cameo appearances in one of the Adabat missions, "Fright Fight." They also appear in one of the Spagonia missions, "Tower Terror."
  • In the Wii/PS2 version, the floor of the Adabat Gaia Gate is covered by a two-foot layer of water. In the Spagonia Gaia Gate, there are two fountains of water on either side of the steps (like the water fountains in Italy), making them the only two Gaia Gates with water in them.
  • In an unlockable cutscene, Sonic and Chip are under a palm tree drinking coconut juice. When
    File:Sonic unleashed by hinata70756-d5mydp8.png
    Chip finished all of his coconut juice and Sonic gives him his. Chip drinks deeply from it and gets his head stuck. He falls over a small cliff and the coconut hits Sonic; the thud from Chip's fall causes more coconuts to fall onto Sonic's head, giving Chip the idea to drink from all of them at the same time with a lot of straws as Sonic watches in amusement.



Development ImagesEdit

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Town StageEdit


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Entrance StageEdit

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